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From a very young age Stylo 646 designer Yaceska Robles Vélez started creating designs for her friends at the University in 1996. As time went by and as everything in life changes, her desire to continue designing was no longer her priority. From designer, I became a businesswoman, international speaker and business coach. It took many years for Yaceska to redesign, until two hard unexpected processes in his life touched him in the country of Panama where he lived far from his parents, sister and nieces. In 2017, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a very hard process for her and her family, where a quarter of her breast and twenty-three nodes were removed, and she received twelve very aggressive chemotherapies and thirty radiotherapies. She was operated on more than seven times as of today 2020 and has more than thirteen scars on her body from the operations. In that process not only fighting for his life, he was also in a process of domestic violence where he received many rejections, humiliations and abandonment from who his ex-partner was. She prayed and asked God to give her a chance to live for her to grow, serve and create. And from January 2018 what started as a therapy recommended by his doctors, at the dining room table of his parents’ house in Dorado today is a dream come true.

Stylo 646 is a team where the Yaceska family is fully involved, a family business and Puerto Rican brand that is helping women not only to enhance their beauty, but also to feel secure in themselves. With the day to day she began to create, design and realize her dreams, having today the opportunity to live and express her pieces after time the love she feels for life and how grateful she is to live.

With this Stylo 646 brand and the “A Touch of Pink” line, Yaceska wants to be able to help women who have tested positive for breast cancer to pay for part of their operations, chemotherapies and / or radiotherapies, contribute to the purchase of oncological wigs and also help them fulfill their dreams as it happened to her.

Each piece is designed and made by Yaceska’s hands and just as she designed her dreams you can also design yours with your beautiful hands.

I Bless You Stylo 646 ©


Alexandra Fuentes
Host TV Telemundo PR.
Aretes “Alexandra”

Ainsley Earhardt
Reportera ancla de Fox and Friends canal Fox USA.
Aretes “Pearl Star”

Celimar Marrero
Publicista de celebridades internacionales.
Aretes “Celi”


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